I’m Chris R. Timmons, an independent consultant specializing in custom software development with Microsoft .NET technologies. I also offer services in several other areas, such as project planning and risk management. I am currently available for on-site work in the St. Cloud – Twin Cities area of Minnesota, or telecommuting projects in the USA


Application areas for which I’ve developed both desktop apps and web apps include:

  • Video surveillance system using FLIR infrared cameras
  • Customer service for a Fortune 1000 company (orders, back orders, purchase orders, warranties, inventory control, etc.)
  • Employee scheduling
  • Farm data management
  • Various government records systems (law enforcement, planning and zoning, healthcare)
  • Electrical infrastructure data management (GIS, power lines, transformers, etc.)


  • In-depth knowledge of and experience with Microsoft .NET programming and technologies (ASP.Net, C#, F#, etc.).
  • Converting Embarcadero Delphi applications to C# or VB.Net
  • Functional user interface design, database design, risk management, and application installation/distribution.
  • Over thirty years of experience.
  • Broad experience with many programming technologies, including C#, JavaScript, JQuery, VB.Net, MS SQL Server, HTML, XML, Web Services, Regular Expressions, Embarcadero Delphi, PHP, Crystal Reports, Perl, and Python.

Business-to-Business Relationships

My consulting firm is incorporated in the state of Minnesota.

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